1. TWENTY INCH from Jan Krück Fotografie on Vimeo.

    -a story about realities-
    Youngest professional flatland rider Kevin Nikulski, reflects his reality and surrounding effects.
    Beside his focus he opens up a parallelism of wishes and role model beliefs I reach out for.
    Twenty Inch is more of a story about me, than about flatland.

    camera, regie, edit: facebook.com/Jan.Krueck.Fotografie
    rider: facebook.com/pages/Kevin-Nikulski/138153162916500
    sounddesign & music: Phillip Scheffer
    support: Mareike Foecking

    making of by facebook.com/owlmotion

  2. Max Kümper - a short run from Jan Krück Fotografie on Vimeo.

    teted some steadyshots for comming bigger project, featuring local longboarders.
    stay tuned for more information and releases.

    camera: Jan Krueck
    rider Max Kümper

  3. born4boheme:


    two inches to the left

    fotografie: jan krück
    styling: dana roski
    h&m: franziska grünewald
    model: justus xaver
    assistenz: vera feldmann
    layout: laura born

  4. also see story at http://www.jankrueckfotografie.de/portfolio/be-a-hero/

    foto: Jan Krueck
    styling: Sina Rodfeld
    model: Jane Dean
    h&m: Fauve Lex
    assist: Andreas Ludsteck & Carsten Maier

    special thx to Christian Kalbhenn & fontfabric

  5. UNIKAT shooting_by Jan Krueck
    just a few shots, captured while doing the shoot.

    film & edit: Jan Krück
    styling & prod: Annett Istel
    model: Hannah Godde
    h&m: Vitoria Frische

  6. bike from Jan Krück Fotografie on Vimeo.

    a small technical playaround in my backyard,
    shooting my inherited bike with my new slider.

    5DmkII @ 50mm F1.4
    1920p 25fps DNxHD115 ->720p for vimeo (5k mbps)

  7. (Source: trashnart.com)

  8. wanted to show you a sneek peek, while I’m on my way to scan the negatives.

    wanted to show you a sneek peek, while I’m on my way to scan the negatives.

  9. foto: Jan Krück

    model: Kira Schoen

    assist: David Zimmermann

    (Source: trashnart.com)

  10. foto: Jan Krück (trashnart.com)

    model: Hannah Godde

    h&m: Yasemin

    assitance: David

    (Source: trashnart.com)